Monday, May 17, 2010

My tropical hydrangea plant wont bloom why its this?

I've never heard of a tropical Hydrandea. I'm assuming you are growing this one as a house plant. If you are you need alot of light and fertilizer. Generally speaking this is a perennial and drops its leaves in the winter, need a resting period and comes to life again itn spring. If possible plant it outside in partial shade,add a time released fertilizer and water in and let mother nature do the rest. As the flower begins to fade, I cut it to the end of its stem and this stimulates the roots to grow bigger and healthier as you do this through the years. One thing about Hydrangeas is, you do'nt want to water this plant in the evening, the leaves get powdery mildew and leaf spot very easily, take care not to encourage these conditions by only watering in the morning and not on cloudy days. This plant is the easiest plant to grow and will last for generations. If you do see powdery mildew or leaf spot on your plant it is important to spray with a fungicide as soon as possible. Good Luck to you!!!!!!!!! I grow these plants by the hundreds every year for the nursery I work for in Atlanta.

My tropical hydrangea plant wont bloom why its this?
Hydrangeas bloom on "new" wood. Usually 2nd year wood. If you've pruned it, it likely will not bloom for another year. Best bet is to cut blooms while they're blooming, so the plant can set growing tips for the next year. Also, check your fertilizer. Too much nitrogen will produce beautiful leaves, but no blooms. Hydrangeas can tolerate shade, but still need lots of light. If it's indoors, give as much light as possible, if outside, give afternoon shade.
Reply:They need sunlight lots! I'm no suret where you live but if you have it inside it will not bloom. It will be fine. Just place it outdoors in spring after clear from frost, in a sunny spot. Also fert with a 20-20-20 or a bloom booster like 15-30-15 once every couple weeks.
Reply:it's probably not getting enough light inside, maybe you can put it out in the spring

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