Saturday, May 22, 2010

How old can hydrangeas grow to be?

My parents hydies are about 32 and my grans are about 55

How old can hydrangeas grow to be?
Well my sisters beats that! Her house is 124 years old, and there are two bushes planted when the house was new. A Hydrangeas is one of them,the other is a Rhododendron. Tell Grans ,hers is still a baby! Byee
Reply:I have never heard of a time limit on the life of hydrangeas. I would guess as long as they are getting the nutrients, sun and water they need and avoid diseases, they will go on indefinitely.
Reply:hydrangeas are good at renewing themselves from the root, so they're never ALL one old age.... that said, I have some in my yard that ten yrs ago, I transplanted from a house where they'd grown for 42 years....

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