Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can I tell if my hydrangeas, that I planted last summer are not going to bloom?

They both look pretty dead. When I bought them I was told that they would look like that but would bloom eventually. Well, no blooms. SHould I just give up and pull them out of the ground?


How can I tell if my hydrangeas, that I planted last summer are not going to bloom?
First, where do you live? My hydrangeas (in California) are just now putting out leaves. I don't expect flowers for another month of two. If you are in a colder clime, you may have to wait another month.

Look around your neighborhood or the local nursery. Are the hydrangeas there starting to leaf out? If so, then I would go back to where I bought them and ask for a refund!! If local hydrangeas are still hibernating, then I would wait awhile!
Reply:Dont do anything yet - I dont know where you live but mine always look like dried up sticks at this time of year....They'll start growing in about a month...Just wait.

By the way, I live in the midwest.
Reply:It too early. I live in the deep south and my hydrangeas are full of foliage but no blooms yet, but they will bloom they do every year. It just take them another month or so. Give them time.
Reply:Where they like that when you bought them? alot of times for certain flowers to bloom they need a certain type of soil or fertilizer to help them stay healthy and bloom. You also have to prune them every so often. Also if you bought the Greenhouse type normally you can tell if they came with the pretty foil or clear plastic wrapping that they were cared for in a greenhouse which doesn't help you because they are not acclimated to your area.

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