Saturday, May 22, 2010

How can I get a Hydranger to flower?

We have a small Hydrangea plant (16``) high in a sunny, south facing garden near Aberdeen, Scotland. In six years it has flowered just once. It appears to be perfectly healthy, I have tried plant foods but it will not cooperate. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.


How can I get a Hydranger to flower?
I'm still trying to get the right spot and treatment for a hydrangea. Think I'm going to have to break down and buy a nice, big one, rather growing from small size.

You've got to read up on them. They are pretty particular as regards pruning, temperature, location, etc. I'm attaching one website (below) with information about problems getting them to bloom for you. Good luck!

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Reply:loads and loads of water!!!! hence the hydr' bit in the name. You can't over water it (unless it's in a pot of course)...the feeding is secondary.
Reply:You may have too much sunlight! Otherwise, if you don't think you have to move it, cut it back to about 4 inches above the ground, that will force out new growth. It is a bit late in the year to get any new growth, but let it come out next year and if it does not bloom, leave it be and it should bloom the next year.
Reply:all I know is that they do great in very acidic soil like azaleas, camellias, etc. Go looking for sulfur...I looked up the website and it didn't say anything about acidic soil....they grow in east Texas like crazy and the color is so intense and there is acidic soil there and we have very alkaline the expert says lots of cow manure and organic matter......good luck
Reply:sounds like it needs pruning,you can do this now.and it will flower next year
Reply:Sounds like you have prunned this plant. This years growth on hydrangea's will produce next years flowers, so if you prune every year you will never get flowers.
Reply:talk to it? I think you need more sunlight try some artifical light as you live in scotland and it is quite dark and cold mostly up there (my family comes from dundee) Good luck
Reply:Hydrangeas require an acid soil to bloom properly. Be sure to use a plant food specifically designed for such plants. An alternative would be to work some aluminum sulfate into the soil around the shrub.

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