Thursday, May 20, 2010

*~*Hydrangea Care*~*?

I recently received a hydrangea from a friend. Right now it is in the small pot it came in. I know some people plant them outdoors when the weather becomes warmer. Do I need to do this? I heard it will make the plant healthier and produce better blooms the next year? I live in the Midwest so the weather varies. How do I properly care for this beautiful plant?

*~*Hydrangea Care*~*?
Hi Mary, I live in BC Canada and we have varing weather as well. if you want your hydrangea to do well i would plant it outside where it will get sun and shade. Mine gets the morning and first part of afternoon sun and shade for the later part of the day. It does very well. You are suppose to trim it after it's season of blooming is over but do not cut to much off.

I would not keep it in the pot as it will get root bound and need to be transplanted a lot and that will send it into shock every time you do transplant it. that could kill it. so you are better to plant it outside where it will be healthier. Just before winter get either some grass clippings or some leaves and place them around the base of the hydrangea so it will insulate it and help it to not freeze. Depending on what color you have you can also change the color of your blooms by how acidic or alkaline your soil is. Acidic makes them blue , Alkaline makes them pink and if you only have a little of that you can get a purple color . you can have acidic on one side of the ground using some old rusty nails or pennies, or even something a nursery can sell you to change the ph content of your soil and have something alkaline on the other and you will get half blue and half pink. experiment and enjoy.
Reply:I have a few Hydrangea bushes that started out in small pots. They are quick growing. If you have average rainfall you don't need to water often. They love acid soil and you can buy the plant food or do what I do and rake in coffee grounds a couple times a month. Makes for a deeper color bloom. I cut mine back in the spring, While your working you'll see the new growth starting. I live in NW PA. I love cutting these flowers and take them to work. If I try bringing them in the house my cat will pull them out of the vase and drop them on the floor. They get fairly big so don't plant to close to the house or a fence.
Reply:I bought one of those potted Hydrangeas a few years ago and set it in the garden. It has survived nicely ( I'm on the border of Zone 6-7 ) and puts out beautiful foliage every year. I'm still waiting for blooms. Maybe this year :)
Reply:they can be raised indoors but,you picked a hard one to grow inside.they are very have to control lighting and grow inside.You're better off putting it outdoors.You also need to know which kind of hydrangea it is.

You'd be better off going to some sites online other than here.Theres much to much you need to know.And you actually put them out when it's cold.but,do not freak out if it falls it will come back.When you grow them inside it's rea;lly need to keep it wet but,not to wet do not let it dry out.Our yard is full of them.
Reply:your hydrangea is a florist's 'forced' plant.... made to bloom to sell out of season.... it will do fine in the ground if you plant it.. it won't flower again this year, but if you do NOT prune it at all, and you can protect it thru this first winter, so that the 'old' wood doesn't freeze, then next spring you should see some blooms.....

read here for good info on the plant, and for suggestions about protection, if you're in a colder zone than 7 or 8.....

look under "FAQ" for info on protection.... care and feeding is on the left column, too... very nice lady runs this site, a friend of mine... if you need help, email's okay with her....or email me thru here... glad to help....
Reply:if the hydrangea looks like it is getting too big for the pot, you need to replant it. It needs room for its roots to spread. The Hydrangea is a bush and it will get big with proper care. It needs indirect sunlight and do not over water.

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