Saturday, May 22, 2010

What can i do for my indoor potted hydangea?

The pink potted hydrangea plant my husband bought me for valentines day looks like it is suffering. I've noticed the flowers start to wilt and droop a couple of times but water helped to rejuvenate it. Since then I've been watering more but the edges of the leaves and petals are turning brown and dry. Should I cut or pick them off? Should I water even more? Help! I love my plant and don't want to kill it.

What can i do for my indoor potted hydangea?
You probably need to repot this plant. Your plant may be rootbound. Lift the plant gently out of the soil. If the plant won't lift, this may also be an indicator that it is potbound. Get the plant up out of the dirt. If the roots are compressed and turning in on each other or growing up the side of the pot, you need a bigger pot. Cut the roots off that are circling the pot or growing upward. You may even want to trim some of the roots that are hanging downward. Select a pot large enough to handle the root system that you have. Before repotting, cut off all the dead blooms and new blooms. The plant will handle repotting much better if it is not putting its energy into flower production. Buy soil that is recommended for hydrangeas. You also might want to consider planting the hydrangea outdoors when the weather is right.
Reply:The pink color indicates acidic fertilizer is best, Miracle Grow for azaleas/gardenias is really good; also look for the word "chelated" next to iron, the lack of this is what makes the leaves turn brown around the edges %26amp; also turn yellow if getting worse, then finally the leaves start to fall off. Hydraneas normally "fall asleep" for the winter, lose all their leaves when it gets frosty outside, which is totally different; right now my hydrangeas are starting to get their leaf buds-they swell %26amp; pop open similar to rose leaves. I prune the branches after they go dormant.

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