Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hydrangea root for cats?

Will hydrangea root aid in preventing kidney/urinary issues such as crystals,passing urine etc.

thanks,Patrick H

Hydrangea root for cats?
Hi Patrick...some herbal remedies which are helpful for humans may be very harmful or toxic to cats.

Cats with frequent FLUTD symptoms always do better on a wet food diet because hydration is key to increasing the acidity of the urine pH where dry will decrease the pH to more alkaline. Much like cranberry juice works to acidify our urine pH for humans as an example.

I read your other question and wanted to add that since your cats are rescues and not accustomed to eating moist food, it will take a bit of mixing both dry and wet to get them to begin eating more moist.

Once you get your cat(s) accustomed to the canned/moist food, adding water will increase the water intake as well. This worked surprisingly well for one of my cats who suffers from a very difficult to treat FLUTD known as feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC) which usually requires various medications and glucosumine. He no longer needs any medications and continues to do well on a raw diet mixed with watered down canned food. Our case may be an exception as well as unusual so this may not work with other cats.
Reply:There is no data available on safety or efficacy of hydrangea root in cats. I would not recommend it.
Reply:It's cranberries,.. look that up.

Suppose to potentially neutralizes formation of crystals.

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