Thursday, May 20, 2010

My hydrangea won't bloom. Help!?

I planted a hydrangea plant with blooms in my garden. It has been a very hot summer and I planted the hydrangea in a location that gets sun all day. Sometimes the leaves wither, but the plant bounces back and has grown bushy. I apply Miracle Gro every two weeks. But after the initial blooms faded, the plant just refused to bloom. I planted a peony plant in a similar location and that plant did not produce any flowers either. We have pine trees in our garden but a little further away from these plants. Does anybody here have any answer to what I should do to get the plant to produce flowers?

My hydrangea won't bloom. Help!?
Never had the problem myself -- just lucky, I guess. Did you mean you planted this last year -- because hydrangea is not a continuous bloomer. Once it blooms in a year, it is done. It does not make new buds %26amp; flowers until next season. Also, if you are in a hot, southern location, you actually may want to put the plant in a part-shade location to prevent it from getting too much sun! But, from The Garderner's Network:

No Blooms? The most common cause is winter damage. A frost will kill the buds. Too much shade and poor soil conditions can also result in no blooms.

Check the link below for more tips on proper soil, water, light and fertilizer conditions. Google "grow hydrangea" for other links. Once you get it right, it should just go along by itself. Good luck next year!!
Reply:You may be applying to much fertilizer. Too much nitrogen in the fertilizer can result in green healthy looking plants without blooms. You may want to reduce the Miracle Grow. Also make sure it is getting ample water. The acidity in your soil (if you have pine trees it is most likely acidic) determines what color the blooms will be.
Reply:See and
Reply:Sounds like bad soil.

Plant them somewhere else.
Reply:As the name suggests (hyd = water) they are really thirsty plants, any check to growth and they often stop flowering.It mayb just lack of moisture.

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