Monday, May 17, 2010

Climbing hydrangea in So. Cal.?

Does anyone have any experience with growing a climbing hydrangea in So. Cal? Any hints on where and how?

Climbing hydrangea in So. Cal.?
I am in Zone 9, SoCal and have a few in my yard. Mine likes to be out of the direct sun, especially in the summer months when we get triple digit temperatures. I relocated one that was struggling in direct sun to shaded indirect sun and it took off. Mine did not bloom for the first two seasons. I prune mine regularly at this time of year to control growth and to direct it where I want it to expand. It likes moist, well drained soil, particularly in the summer and less water %26amp; more dry soil from this time of year until late April and early May. I fertilize it in the spring and mine like acid. I have DG soil so I also add a healthy dose of compost and mulch both in autumn and spring. Deadheading it also nets you more blooms and the blossoms can be dried for crafts simply by hanging them upside down or using kitty litter.
Reply:How to Grow a Climbing Hydrangea, click onto this link:
Reply:Hydrangea grows in the shade. They're very common in the San Francisco bay area where the weather is cool and the air is moist.

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