Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hydrangea flowers ?

When should I remove last years flower heads on a lace leaf hydragea ?

Hydrangea flowers ?
Anytime now,they've served their purpose protecting the new growth.Just cut back to the first two prominent buds on the stem-assume that it's a lace head hydrangea.
Reply:After all risk of frost has gone
Reply:Now would be a good time. Cut back to a couple of strong buds and remove old wood from the centre of the plant to prevent it from becoming congested.

The flowers are best left on over winter as they help protect the plant from frosts.
Reply:I leave the heads on over winter as they provide shelter for insects. I remove them when the first buds break green, which is just about now in middle England.
Reply:anytime.... but remove ONLY the flower head, don't cut any part of the branch behind it.... that first bud could contain a flower for later!!.....
Reply:When it begins leafing out in the Spring. February is the time to trim a hydrangea. Don't do it after then.

Call your County Extension Agent for your local area regarding what zone you live in. They are very knowledgeable and provide services free of charge - your tax dollars pay their salary! They will even come out to your home, test your soil, and direct you as to any problems you are having with your soil, grass, plants, trees, etc.
Reply:its really not needed,as these plants where %26amp; are growing wild yet never had this done .
Reply:you should of already started to remove them.


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