Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hydrangea Little Honey ---Does this plant sunburn in full sun (6 hours a day)?

I live in the fog belt of Northern California, so the sun I receive is often modified. I have small plants that are showing sunburn. I wonder if they will respond better as they grow larger.

Hydrangea Little Honey ---Does this plant sunburn in full sun (6 hours a day)?
First of all things are happening to plants acroos the US because everyone is in an extreme heat wave.

Leaves keep their yellow hue well into summer!

The Showiest Oakleaf Yet!

Golden spring leaves, white blooms, scarlet fall foliage, and even bright red stems -- what DOESN'T Little Honey have?

The most beautiful and distinctive Oakleaf Hydrangea I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, Little Honey adds a whole new look to this family of multi-season shrubs! A sport of the popular dwarf Pee Wee, Little Honey just oozes charm, from its bright gold foliage to its scarlet autumn tones!

The show begins in early spring, when the large, oakleaf-shaped leaves unfurl a brilliant gold. This color remains right through spring and well into summer, eventually darkening to chartreuse and finally green just as the huge 6- to 8-inch white bloom trusses -- giant snowy wands in the shade garden! -- appear to liven things up again. And with the first nip of autumn cold, the leaves burnish a brilliant scarlet! Even the stems turn red, and if you live in the southern portion of Little Honey's hardiness range, these leaves and stems will stay put right through winter! How's that for all-season beauty!

Just 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide, Little Honey is the perfect size for the foundation, patio, front-yard accent, or any place of honor in the sunny (in the north) to partially shaded (further south) garden. It looks terrific with its parent Pee Wee, as well as with Azaleas and Kalmias, which bloom in late spring and segue nicely into Little Honey's flower show!

Pee Wee is famous for its garden-worthiness -- vigor, ease of care,

Space these 2-year-old plants about 3 feet apart in any good garden soil receiving partial to full sun. Zones 5-9.

Oakleaf Hydrangea Little Honey

Botanical Name:

Hydrangea quercifolia Little Honey

Growing Zones:

Zones 5 - 9

Sun Exposure:

Part Shade

Full Sun

Ship Form:

Trade Gallon (3 qt)

Product Category:


Trees and Shrubs


Bloom Color:


Bloom Size:

6 in - 8 in

Bloom Season:

Mid Summer

Plant Habit:




Cut Flowers


Additional Features:


Special Resistance:

Heat Tolerant

Drought Tolerant

Cold Hardy

Plant Width:

3 ft

Plant Height:

4 ft
Reply:i hope you are not sprinkling the water on flowers when sun is shining. this way you can get unnecessary sunburns - getting a hose to water it directly to soil is far better than automatic sprinkler that is on during the hot sunny day. the droplets of water act like magnifying lenses and the sun does the job and burns it.

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