Monday, May 17, 2010

Can u plant Hydrangea plants outside?

Outside is the best place to plant them. They get quite large. If you are wanting to grow a specific color you need to now that southern soil is usually too acidic for pink one and white won't change colors no matter what you do. Read all about them in below links.

Can u plant Hydrangea plants outside?
Oh yes, they do well outside. Make sure they get a lot of water.
Reply:Hydrangea plants are outside plants to start with. They like to be protected from the afternoon sun and love lots of water.
Reply:I live in Canada zone 5b. I have white, blue, and pink. All do very well. Sun part shade location. Need lots of water and I never prune them in the fall. When they come back in the spring I cut off the old growth. Two of the plants were ones I was given from the florists as gifts. I enjoyed them inside and then put them outdoors. Good Luck. They are BEAUTIFUL.
Reply:I don't know what zone you're in, but here in zone 8 they do great outside. They can get about 3-5 foot tall and quite large around as well. The leaves do tend to burn in the 100 degree temps, so morning sun is good. Lots and lots of water, but don't let them sit in water. The dirt should be well-drained. Good luck and enjoy.
Reply:We do in Rhode Island. I guess it depends on where you live. Like if you live in an area that is always cold or something.
Reply:That will depend in part on what zone you live in. I'm in zone 4 and can't grow them except as an annual. Most seed/live plant companies tell you in their literature what zone you are in. Happy growing!

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