Monday, May 17, 2010

Can I put a hydrangea plant that I received as a potted plant outside with success, it is kind of wilted now?

As long as the threat of frost has passed, plant the hydrangea outside. They can grow quite big and quickly at that, so pick a spot that you can leave it without intruding on anything else. They like morning sun and afternoon shade, direct sun all day is not good for them. Also, the soil pH will determine the color of your blossoms, pink or bluish/purple. You may want to consider that also. You can get a soil test kit cheap at your local garden center and they can recommend how to treat the soil for what you want. Or let mother nature surprise you. Oh, -- be sure to water the plant if its showing signs of wilt. Especially after planting. Also keep an eye on it and keep it watered for several weeks until it takes root in its new home.

Can I put a hydrangea plant that I received as a potted plant outside with success, it is kind of wilted now?
Hydrangeas actually do better in the ground. Just make sure you put it somewhere that gets a few hours of shade each day. They will not bloom if left in full sun.
Reply:Yeah, that is what I did with one I received as a gift 9 years ago and it thrives. That being said, I'm in zone 9, SoCal. Mine is now a huge bush and must be hard pruned during the winter. It is a shade loving plant and requires good drainage (according to the Sunset garden book). But, because there are so many varieties and I don't know what zone you are in, I suggest calling a nursery to ask. If it has a hang tag, tell them the variety you have and ask the planting requirements for your zone. My book also says it makes a good container plant in my zone which may be a good option for you rather than putting it in the ground. Sometimes I do that to experiment with different locations until a plant finds a home in which to thrive.
Reply:it sounds like transplant shock. just keep soil damp for awhile. add miracle grow to the water.
Reply:Yes they thrive in North Carolina as well and make a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Yes, you can transplant your hydrangea outside. My mom's favorite plant is a hydrangea, so she got a lot of them for Mother's Day gifts. They all ended up in the garden. lol It may be kind of wilted now because it's "root bound" (too many roots for the size pot).

You'll need to take into consideration what climate you live in and what kind of soil to plant it in. This web page gives a lot of information on them:
Reply:PeeGee and Annabelle hydrangea's are hardy to zone 4. They do not do well in full sun. They also will wilt easily from lack of water, but, after a good watering will pop right back.

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