Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking for a hearty Hydrangea that will do well in Zone 5 and last multiple years.?

I've always wanted a hydrangea bush (preferably BLUE!) - now that I am a homeowner, I'd like to plant one and have the perfect place with morning light, afternoon shade. Last year I planted one and it did really well but it was small and didn't make it through the winter.

Is there any specific type of hydrangea that will do best in Zone 5? How large of a plant should I buy? Our local nurserys have no information and the staff is of no help.

Looking forward to receiving answers. THANK YOU!

Looking for a hearty Hydrangea that will do well in Zone 5 and last multiple years.?
I'm in zone 5 too and hydrangeas do great here ( except for that late frost we got). You can change the color of almost all pink flowering varieties by adding Aluminum sulfate to the soil. This will make them bloom blue. Add it now, and again right before blooming to keep them blue. Check out your local counties extension office, master gardeners website. They will have researched based information. Good luck. And be careful when pruning as hydrangeas bloom on second years growth.
Reply:I have a hard time believing the local people can't help. I am in zone 5, too, and tons of people have hydrangeas. Why not just go buy one that is for sale, anywhere in your town. If they're for sale there, they must be cold tolerant.
Reply:I don't have a hard time believing your local salespeople aren't helpful. Last year I wanted a "Limelight" hydrangea that has light green flowers, and the salespeople in my area didnt have a clue. I ended up buying some off an ebay seller and they have lots of little leaves forming this spring in my Zone 5 area.

I don't know if hydrangeas produce a true blue, but I know I've seen a purple-y blue. It's out there, but you may have to go to the 'net to find it.
Reply:I saw blue (nikko blue) Hydrangea for sale through park seeds.com and they are rated to zone 5. I'm in 5 or 6 depending upon the mood of the weather that year. They don't like alkaline soil, so follow the suggestion of the answer with the aluminum. I'm going to! we have VERY alkaline soil and they will turn out pink instead of blue. use this link:


And for Waysidegardens.com: http://www.waysidegardens.com/webapp/wcs...

Good luck!
Reply:I'm in Zone 8(by USDA, but Zone 5 by Sunset). I have some hydrangea bushes and all of them are doing good. I have blue and white kind. I think that this plants prefer more warmer climate than Zone 5, like 6 - 9, but if you mulch them good during the winter time, I think they will be ok. My blue guys are, "Nikko Blue" with light blue and "Blue Bird" with a bit more darker blue. I hope you can try one more time and see if it'll survive your weather. I'd buy a bigger bush. Perhaps, it's more stronger than young ones. You can ask your local master gardener the questions, too. Most of the time, city or county has a program for that. Good luck!

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