Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Did I kill my hydrangea?

I bought a small hydrangea. It had already put out shoots in the packageing. I planted it and a about a couple days later the green shoots died and wilted and its been over a week and no more have came up. Did I kill it? Or is this common shock from planting it?

Did I kill my hydrangea?
Unless it somehow was sitting in the sun and cooked in the packaging, it should be fine. If it was warm enough just before or during shipping to sprout, but the outdoor weather was a little harsher, it could shock it pretty badly, but it should recover. Shock it can often handle, a cooking it can't.
Reply:After it blooms it will die back and come back next season.
Reply:Don't give up on it just keep it moist and feed it (low dose) and wait and see.


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