Saturday, November 14, 2009

How do you prune hydrangea plants?

Ok, from what I can see, it mostly depends on which types of hydrangeas you have. It appears that your most common hydrangeas (the ones the are either blue or pink depending on soil pH) set their buds in the end of the summer and those bloom buds are on old stems, not the new year's growth. SO, it is most prudent to prune before August, before they have started to set bud. Otherwise, you may have no blooms the following year. Trim off all dead limbs and dead buds. If you are to deadhead or trim for flower cuttings after the August time perios, only do so down to the first set of leaves as to not run the risk of cutting of next year's buds. After the plant is about 5 years old you can cut around a third of the old woody stems down to the ground.

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