Monday, May 11, 2009

Why is my newly planted hydrangea wilting and turning yellow?

It's getting plenty of sun (NW corner of my house), and has been watered in well.

Why is my newly planted hydrangea wilting and turning yellow?
You don't tell us what kind of Hydrangea you planted. An Annabelle (Hydrangea arborescens) or Big Leafed (Hydrangea macrophylla) type do not do well in western exposures. The hot afternoon sun stresses and wilts these plants. They will need plenty of moisture in this exposure or some protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Leaves can wilt and turn yellow because of lack of water or too much water. There is no way to know which it is other than to know more details on your watering practices. Hydrangeas like moist soils, not wet soils. The ground should not be muddy or have standing water at the base of your hydrangeas. Maybe you've been watering too much?

Is it just a few leaves? Are all the leaves on the same branches? If you have broken a few branches during transplanting, the leaves will wilt and turn yellow.

I've used the root stimulants and have found them to mostly be a waste of money.
Reply:Hydrangeas are pretty needy for fertilizer and water. They do best in morning sun and afternoon shade. When you plant anything, first yu need to loosen up the roots, this helps the root system start growing into the soil quicker, therefore you don't need chemical root stimulators, if it is really root bound you can cut an X at the bottom of the plants roots. Give the plant a little more time to get established, if the leaves are yellow remove them, new ones will replace them, as for wilting, Hydrangea's do this in the hot sun and it's theie way of protecting themselves from the heat of the sun, that is why when you water you plant make sure the water reaches the roots, do not surface water any plant, when you do this the roots start growing toward the surface of the ground, instead of the bottom of the ground. If you haven't had the plant in the ground very long you may want to dig it up and loosen the roots and plant with alittle time-release fertilizer mixed into the whole. Happy Growing!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Fertilome makes a product; Root Stimulator. It's shocked, stim it.
Reply:its in shock

you know they have special soil needs???
Reply:Some hydranga leaves are shaped like that especially the modern ones yes in the modern ones the leaves are curled but it will probaly be turning yellow because of the soil is wrong take a pH of the soil check on the net or in gardening books to see what the pH of the soil should be for a Hydranga.

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