Monday, May 11, 2009

Do i cut my hydrangea to the ground in winter?

do i cut my hydrangea back to the ground in winter or just let them be...

Do i cut my hydrangea to the ground in winter?
Also, be sure you know what kind of hydrangea you have (Oakleaf, Panicle, etc.) as that determines when it's best to cut them back.
Reply:Hydrangeas flower on old wood, so be careful with pruning. If you do prune, you will probably get fewer blooms but they will be bigger. Do not cut it to the ground though. And wait until the blooms have faded to prune.
Reply:I always wait til spring to prune mine. Once the shrubs start putting out new growth I can clearly see the old wood and prune it back.
Reply:decide which kind you have first, as the pruning is very different for each of the different kinds.... look here and find yours and then read on this site about pruning... good info there!
Reply:don't cut them now...wait till spring. and don't cut them all the way to the ground. leave them about a foot to 18 inches tall. and make sure they're shaped well (evenly). they will grow plenty in the late spring throughout the summer and they will be very healthy. if you want to do something now, pull out all the dead stalks. they pull out easy. good luck.

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