Monday, May 11, 2009

Is there a hydrangea bush/shrub that likes full sun?

First of all I live in the Chicago are and have a south-facing home, so it gets sun from 6am to about 12-1pm. I have one but the leaves burn bc of the stong sun. Downtown I saw some on a south-facing home and they look beautiful. Would Annabelle one's work?

Is there a hydrangea bush/shrub that likes full sun?
yes. does well in full sun if soil moisture is sufficient. 'Annabelle' grows in Maine;a popular, superior plant
Reply:The only ones I know of must be in mostly shade. It's possible some species can tolerate more sun, check the Sunset Garden Book. It's also possible that you didn't take notice of other plants or structures that are providing shade to the ones you saw on the south side of that house. Because of the large leaves of hydrangea they lose water quickly (more surface area so they have more stomata, the structure that allows water evaporation from the leaves) and must be watered daily. If you want to keep the plants you have, move them to the back and north side of your home. They will like it there.
Reply:Annabelle's (Hydrangea arborescens) are beautiful with the largest clusters of white flowers, but the evening sun will scorch the leaves and the flowers won't bloom the way you would like. The Hydrangea paniculeta commonly know as PeeGee is probably the best suited of all Hydrangeas for direct southern exposure. Just remember to keep the roots moist. Adding a thick layer of much will also help keep the delicate root system cool in the heat of the day.
Reply:As far as I know they all do. You might want to make sure you give it plenty of water, but not too much. Giving too much water is as damaging as too little.

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