Monday, May 11, 2009

When do I prune my hydrangea?

I live in NC in the Raleigh area.When should I prune?

When do I prune my hydrangea?
hi neighbor.... what KIND of hydrangea?.... big difference in how and when to prune depending on which one.... look here...

figger out which one is your kind and then check out the pruning tips for that one.....

if it's spring blooming hydras, don't cut till after the blooms are fading....
Reply:In the fall and then again after they bloom.
Reply:I prune mine when the new shoots are just showing. I only lightly prune the ends to keep the bushes big. They flower on this years growth so you won't do much harm however much you cut them back.
Reply:You could prune them after flowering in the fall. Or you can leave the brown flowers on through the winter. Some people like the look of it. Around here most everyone prunes them Before the first snow but after the first hard frost. If you prune too late in the fall or too early in the spring it could make the plant want to grow again. Because pruning encourages growth. If it isn't cold enough and the plant isn't dormant yet then it will try to force new shoots. If you have too many new young shoots and you get a frost you will get major frost damage.

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