Monday, May 11, 2009

Hydrangea flowers for a wedding?

I was looking into having hydrangea flowers for my bouquet and centerpieces. They seem to look very good in wedding magazines. Are they good for both centerpieces and bouquets? Will the survive?

Hydrangea flowers for a wedding?
They are quite lovely. In order to have them for your wedding, it must be the proper time of year. They are not a "typical" florist flower ( meaning they are not available all year round )Consult a florist in your area about their availability at the time of year you need them.
Reply:How long do you need them?? They'll be fine for the wedding and reception.
Reply:They are very pretty for a wedding. If done not too far in advance they will hold up okay. They are difficult to work with though, they are quite delicate. Look at some of the silk ones, less expensive and they are quite nice looking. Congratulations!

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