Monday, May 11, 2009

How can i get my hydrangea bush to bloom brighter colors?

I would like for my bush to have brighter blue colors in it is there a way to make it brighter?

How can i get my hydrangea bush to bloom brighter colors?
Thanks for the question--found a great site to check out!


1. White hydrangeas can NOT be changed to pink or blue by the grower. (The Almighty sometimes adds pink and red to blooms as they age).

2. If you live in a hot climate, it is unlikely you will ever see a "true red" hydrangea. No matter how convincing those pictures in the catalogs are or how much lime is added to the soil, one can only achieve a very deep or dark pink, but not a true red (at least here in the South. I'd love to hear from you if you have a different experience).

3. One can rarely change the intensity of a color (how strong or pale the color is). The intensity develops for a number of reasons: the heredity of a particular hydrangea variety, weather conditions (hot or cold, humid or dry), health of the plant, and possibly other natural factors. Fertilizing hydrangeas once or twice a year may result in a little more saturated color simply because the health of the plant may be improved.

4. A few varieties of hydrangeas tend more toward the pink or the blue range of colors, but will not retain even this color if soil conditions are not right.
Reply:give it more sunlight
Reply:By burying rusty nails under your Hydrangea plant will bloom Bright Blue. (This may take a bit to take effect)
Reply:Hydrangea bushes grow lush, lovely colors in acidic soil. There are pre-packaged soil enhancers in any store with a garden department. Mine are a deep shade of lavender/blue. When the blooms start to fade to a lighter color, I add the special mixture for hydraneas with water to assure the acid in the soil is back to balanced.
Reply:Lime! You can buy it by the bag at your local Nursery. Did you realize that if your bush is really happy the blue turns to a purple then red then fads to pink and mauve! I live in the Pacific Northwest and it is one of the most popular buses. You can add some flower food before you lay the lime powder down. Be sure to wear gloves and rake it in a bit so kittys won't be getting the lime on their paws! Don't have kittys nothing to worry about.
Reply:I put nails around mine in the soil. Like picture hanging nails. The iron seems to help it out.

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