Monday, May 11, 2009

There are green leaves on my hydrangea and i cut back the dead branches to the base.?

Will it continue to grow? I'm basically wondering if the plant needs existing stems to grow on or if they will regrow throughout the year. Thanks!

There are green leaves on my hydrangea and i cut back the dead branches to the base.?
Hydrangeas sprout new stems from the roots, but the new stems won't flower the first year. Hydrangeas only flower on previous year's growth. The dead branches are sometimes not dead at all -- hydrangeas often take a long time to leaf up in the spring and by cutting out all the brown stems, you are removing the chance of any flowers.

If it gets too straggly, cut out some of the older stems and cut the others back by about 1/3rd in the fall.

Yes, if there is green leaves growing from your Hydrangea your plant should begin its spring and summer growth pattern. If there are green leaves showing, the root system is fine and you will have new growth. The dead branches should be cut back in the fall before it goes dormant for the winter. I will link you to the garden project section of my website. There is a page on Hydrangeas. I will also link you to the site map, as this page has everything that is on the website. Browse through and see if you can find any other information that may help you. There are articles, tips, techniques and a gallery of plants section.

Hydrangeas can be tricky to grow due to the amount of acidity in your soil. They do like some sun also. Good luck to you and have a great day!



Reply:I hope your hydrangea continues to grow...below are links with info on pruning various types of hydrangea...if you know which type yours is, it will help. Good Luck!


Reply:is there a reasons why folks do something and THEN come ask if it is right?... sigh..........

if the branches were dead, you did fine.... new growth will show up if you feed and water the plant....

read all about 'em here..

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