Saturday, November 19, 2011

My hydrangea has plenty of flowers on it, but the branches of it are so spindly and weak, they keep breaking.?

As i say the branches are so weak, there's a big open space in the bush, it looks as if somebody has fallen onto my plant, although nobody has. anybody got any advice. I pruned in early spring.

My hydrangea has plenty of flowers on it, but the branches of it are so spindly and weak, they keep breaking.?
There are a couple of reasons for why you hydrangea is floppy. First, it may not be getting enough sunlight. Ideally, the plant should receive morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered light all day. If it is planted under trees, it may be possible to thin out the tree canopy so more light penetrates below.

Secondly, the plant may be receiving too much nitrogen either from the soil or from fertilizer. Excessive nitrogen forces the plant to make excessively lush growth. The stems get long and do not have the strength to support the flowers. Cut back the fertilizer if you fertilize heavily.

Also, you could stake the plant. Some hydrangeas sold today were developed for the greenhouse and cut flower market and were never designed to be garden shrubs. That could explain the problem if all the above critera are met
Reply:More then likely you have a Annebelle Hydrangea. They often do this.Theres not much you can about it its just the way the are.Often as they mature the don't fall open like this.
Reply:Sounds like you need some Miracid it's a product from miracle gro.
Reply:I'd prune it back in the spring to help it grow bushy. Dont do it now or the frost could kill it.
Reply:Cut it right down to the base ,it may not flower next year but will bush right out ready for flowering next time
Reply:too dry?
Reply:have you tried a hard prune,you take the stems back to the first two buds and when they bush up they are generally more thicker and bushier,also dig in old tin cans it helps to change the colours alkaline soils get pink flowers and acidic get blue,there is also a blueing powder that you can buy.Try all purpose fertiliser.
Reply:Use Miracle Grow, follow directions.
Reply:MY GUESS is that you may over watering your plant, you did not say how old the plant was or its location within your garden, try lifting the plant and have a good look at its roots,if they are waterloggrd move to another site they prefer shade with dappled sun in the morning if you plant under your plant some six inch nails you can get the flowers to change colour, its the iron it will not harm your plant, secure top heavy branches with support canes in high wind ,do not use elastic bands to secure plastic ties do the job and they are cheap, your plant will recover with a little tlc, regards LF
Reply:pick off some of the flowers to allow your plant to get sturdy and check you have good drainage it could be waterlogged

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