Saturday, November 19, 2011

I bought a hydrangea with blue flowers, but after I planted it, flowers became green, why?

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I bought a hydrangea with blue flowers, but after I planted it, flowers became green, why?
the flowers should turn blue by themsevles, if not check for nitrogen in your soil, you can get test kits at most home and garden shops
Reply:You need to keep the soil acidic to keep the blue flowers
Reply:Hydrangeas require a specific pH in the soil in order for the flowers to be blue. You need to check the pH, then head to the nursery - they can help you find the right product to increase the acidity in the soil.
Reply:Here's a trick I learned from a gardener many years ago...

Bury a few regular old nails in the soil around the base of the plant. (Note: Don't bury them so deep that your distrub the root system.) The nails will break down and the minerals (iron) will leach down to the root system and be taken up by the plant.

You will get very vibrant blue flowers.
Reply:Nutrients in the soil may have effected the plant.

It may just be changing to its environment
Reply:possibly minerals?
Reply:Acid is probably not high enough. Add coffee grounds to the soil around them if you want them blue again.
Reply:they have to have a plant food with cooper in it to keep them blue. It is available at garden centers etc. call your local garden center and ask or home depot even walmart if theres one near you. But it is the cooper that keeps it blue.
Reply:the soil's nutrients turned the flowers green most likely. If the nutrients were different than the ones in the pot when you bought the plant it could affect the coor when you transplanted it.
Reply:the color of a hydrangea bloom depends on the nutrients in the soil. I give my mom a pretty light pink one for mothers day it is now a dark purple. They have well water lots of minerals.

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