Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have a blue Hydrangea plant. How do I dry the blue flowers?

All you have to do is cut them and put them in a vase with no water they will last for months.

I have a blue Hydrangea plant. How do I dry the blue flowers?
I haven't tried this myself, but I've read that you can put them in your car trunk on a hot, sunny day and remove them 24 hours later. Voila.

There's also a website for the American Hydrangea Society you should check out. Beautiful plants.
Reply:To retain all the petals properly .......I feel so sorry you must dry them on clothes line blooms down
Reply:Mine will sometimes dry by themselves on the plant....

Hanging them by the stems will keep the stems straight, but you can also just stick them in a jar w/ sand in the bottom for weight. It's really easy.
Reply:Being very careful, hang them upside down in a bright sunny location, but not direct sun. You can also put them upright in a vase w/o water, but the first method works well for a bunch of them.
Reply:I put them in the hot water, up to its neck. This will keep the color of flower fresh for sometime, then I drain the water leaving about an inch. Wait until all the water evaporates. Flower should be dry by then.

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